mr/vcsh integration

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at
Sun Apr 28 15:48:31 CEST 2013

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 6:40 PM, Andre Klärner <kandre at> wrote:

> I think I missed the discussion about the two approaches? What are these=

My approach aka symlinks:

If you symlink, mr will clone, update, etc.

Joey approach aka lazy checkouts:

mr will only update etc if you cloned it yourself.

Joey's approach manages repos implicitly; mine forces you to make an
explicit decision. Both work, I prefer mine.

>  Cool. I'd love to see it implemented. Additionally it might help one
> could
> find a bigger template on using vcsh with mr (like the most reasonable
> things in one file)


Well, now it all works, you can clone via HTTP, HTTPS and git://. And in
> the process my gitweb just got a new theme and more enabled features.

Please see attached.

Well, that's mostly due to my laziness, as I know which repos I always want
> to use (like bash, zsh and vim) and which should rather not be checked out.
> I was probaply also quite lazy and did not implement it for all repos that
> are maintained in my mrconfig (laziness + nightshift boredom are sometime
> good and sometime make you miss things ;)

My patch kills them all other than the mr repo link. Simply `git am` it or
patch locally and undo what you don't like.


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