mr/vcsh integration

Andre Klärner kandre at
Sat Apr 27 18:40:46 CEST 2013

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 07:51:12AM +0200, Richard Hartmann wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 2:24 AM, Andre Klärner <kandre at> wrote:
> > madduck's last mail reminded me about something I struggeled with when I
> > started using vcsh and read about all that mr-related stuff.
> >
> > One of my first impressions was, that one could register a vcsh-repo with
> > mr quite easily with "mr register" but it seems to only work with regular
> > repositories.
> Sadly, no.
> I (obviously) prefer my approach, but Joey introduced lazy repos into mr in
> the meantime so I fear my approach may remain a step child. Maybe it's time
> to admit defeat and split vcsh's mr layout into "new user" and "advanced
> user" sections.

I think I missed the discussion about the two approaches? What are these=

> Has someone an idea how this might be possible to achieve?
> > Also I thought about a "vcsh clone --register-with-mr $URL" if that might
> > be easier.
> That looks icky to parse in POSIX shell, but doable.

Cool. I'd love to see it implemented. Additionally it might help one could
find a bigger template on using vcsh with mr (like the most reasonable
things in one file)

> > Also I found it quite hard to understand how to use mr to clone and
> > maintain my repositories, and I think I still got it not totally right and
> > simply stopped the trying over and over each time testing with a new user..
> > If one of you wants to point me to my errors:
> >
> This still uses a lot of workarounds that used to be needed but not any
> more. If you make this cloneable, I will fix it for you.

I think I missed the cloning stuff when I lastly switched to Gitlab with
gitweb as public module.

// about 4hours later

Well, now it all works, you can clone via HTTP, HTTPS and git://. And in
the process my gitweb just got a new theme and more enabled features.

> Also, committing the softlinks from available.d to config.d defeats the
> purpose of the modular pick & mix system.

Well, that's mostly due to my laziness, as I know which repos I always want
to use (like bash, zsh and vim) and which should rather not be checked out.
I was probaply also quite lazy and did not implement it for all repos that
are maintained in my mrconfig (laziness + nightshift boredom are sometime
good and sometime make you miss things ;)

Thanks a lot,

Andre Klärner

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