Photo gallery with git-annex?

Joey Hess joey at
Sat Apr 14 20:38:03 CEST 2012

Thomas Koch wrote:
> I'm thinking, how a simple web photo gallery setup could be possible with git-
> annex, a static gallery generator like lazygal (Debian packaged) and some 
> scripting.
> But to make this a viable alternative to facebook for my wife, I'd 
> additionally need (or like):
> - comments
> - non-public galleries with openid/facebook/twitter login
> - web based uploads?

I think that integrating git-annex support into ikiwiki, and then
folding in the contrib gallery plugin could be a good way to go. ikiwiki
already has web-based uploads (drag-n-drop-to-browser even). Tho it would
not cover your non-public case, unless you did something tricky with
apache htaccess.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get the authors of git-annex and
ikiwiki to sit down together and integrate their software yet.

see shy jo

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