Photo gallery with git-annex?

Paul Stodghill paul.stodghill at
Sun Apr 15 00:17:59 CEST 2012

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 2:38 PM, Joey Hess <joey at> wrote:

> I think that integrating git-annex support into ikiwiki, and then
> folding in the contrib gallery plugin could be a good way to go. ikiwiki
> already has web-based uploads (drag-n-drop-to-browser even). Tho it would
> not cover your non-public case, unless you did something tricky with
> apache htaccess.
> Unfortunately I have not been able to get the authors of git-annex and
> ikiwiki to sit down together and integrate their software yet.

Funny. :-)

I am interested in seeing ikiwiki and git-annex integrated also. My usecase
is a wiki to support a team of computational and molecular biologists. The
computational scientists would access the wiki via CLI and git. The
molecular biologists will access it via HTML. The computational scientists
would like to work out of a single repository without having to downloaded
all of the data sets (300GB and climbing quickly). That is, I would like to
be able to see (and "borrow" from) my colleague’s workflows. ikiwiki +
git-annex seems like a good place to start (unless some can think of a
better idea).

I started looking at the ikiwiki code on Friday, and I can see at least two
points at which ikiwiki needs to be modified to accommodate git-annex.

1. Do something with symbolic links other than ignore them.
2. Do something to ensure that when someone "git push"es to the server that
"git annex sync" and "get annex copy" are done to get the files to the same
machine as ikiwiki.

Am I missing something fundamental here?

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