Python script for automatic synchronization based on inotify

René Mayrhofer rene at
Mon Mar 14 16:43:48 CET 2011

Am 2011-03-13 17:21, schrieb Dieter Plaetinck:
> very cool project.
Thanks ;)

> 1) about the xmpp stuff. can i use my account (which I use to IM) for this?  can i have multiple systems log in to that? will that cause IM's from friends to get sent to those jabberbots instead of my chat program?  Would you recommend this, or should i make a second account somewhere?

You can use any Jabber account, but the script will send its notify
messages to the configured account (to "self", i.e. the account it logs
in with). You will therefore see this message on other clients if they
do not filter messages from the account itself (and most clients will
display it in my experience).

I therefore recommend to use a separate Jabber account for the
synchronization between the script instances, but specify your main
account in the "alsonotify" config option to receive more human-readable
messages when updates happen (a bit like Dropbox displays it in popup
boxes, but via XMPP to different accounts).

> 2) Is there a way to invoke a "pull everything"?  For example on a fresh boot, right after I added my ssh keys to the ssh agent, I want to pull in all changes.

This is automatically done on application startup to ensure that the
repo is in sync before triggering only incremental commits/pulls.

> 3) put this on github or something, makes it easier for us to work together.

I'm currently trying to get it up on gitorious, but that will take
another days or so (it was sitting in my "main" got repo so far and I
need to extract the relevant history so as not to lose it when I move
this project to gitorious).

best regards,

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