How to migrate from madduck’s vcsh to RichiH’s vcsh

Sean Whitton sean at
Mon Dec 12 18:02:07 CET 2011


I recently migrated from madduck’s vcsh to RichiH’s, and the latter
asked me to write up the process for his doc/, so the following is
GPL/FDL/CC-BY-SA.  Hope it’s of use to someone.


What follows is a set of instructions for migrating from the setup
described by Penny,[1] using madduck’s vsch, to RichiH’s new vcsh.

1) Update to a recent version of mr so you have the vcsh repository
   type.  Install vcsh somewhere in your path (I personally prefer to
   manually copy it into ~/local/bin/).
2) Move ~/.gitignore and ~/.mrconfig out of the way.  Clone RichiH’s
   template mr config repository: vcsh clone git:// mr.vcsh
3) Set up $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mr/available.d/ with configs for each of your
   fgits repos, following the templates in the new vcsh docs.  Make sure
   you have one for each chunk of your old ~/.mrconfig.
4) Commit to and push your new mr.vcsh.git repository to safety
   somewhere, again according to the usual vcsh docs.
5) mv ~/.fgits/* $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vcsh/repo.d/
6) For each repository in repo.d, do the following:
   - git config vcsh.vcsh true
   - edit the worktree variable inside the repository’s config file to /home/yourusername
   - edit the excludesfile variable inside the repository’s config file
     to .gitignore.d/reponame where reponame is the folder name without
     the .git

mr up/push/commit etc. should now work as you expect.

Sean Whitton, sean at silentflame dot com



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