Re: How to migrate from madduck’s vcsh to RichiH’s vcsh

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at
Mon Dec 12 22:19:29 CET 2011

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 18:02, Sean Whitton <sean at> wrote:

> asked me to write up the process for his doc/, so the following is
> GPL/FDL/CC-BY-SA.  Hope it’s of use to someone.


> 1) Update to a recent version of mr so you have the vcsh repository
>   type.  Install vcsh somewhere in your path (I personally prefer to
>   manually copy it into ~/local/bin/).

Or clone mr's git and softlink mr/lib/vcsh to /usr/share/mr/vcsh for now.

> 2) Move ~/.gitignore and ~/.mrconfig out of the way.  Clone RichiH’s
>   template mr config repository: vcsh clone git:// mr.vcsh

You are more than welcome to start from this, but it's more meant to
glean from, not start from. But I am fine with people actually using
it, of course.

> 3) Set up $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mr/available.d/ with configs for each of your
>   fgits repos, following the templates in the new vcsh docs.  Make sure
>   you have one for each chunk of your old ~/.mrconfig.

Make sure $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set. If it's not, set it to $HOME/.config

> 6) For each repository in repo.d, do the following:
>   - git config vcsh.vcsh true

Just use

  vcsh setup foo


  vcsh setup path/to/foo


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