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also sprach chombee <chombee at> [2007.11.26.0233 +0100]:
> I'm not versioning everything in my homedir, I leave out music,
> photos, videos and the like,

why? Git's storage format should actually be able to deal with those
quite well, better than the diff/snapshot/weave-based VCS at least.

> Then you place any files you want to version into the git folder,
> and anything left outside of this folder is not versioned and
> won't be touched by git.

This is not a bad idea; however, In my experience it gets messy
quickly, with all symlinks and detecting changes. I could fathom
a manager script though, which symlinks all the files to appropriate
places and keeps track of which it installed, so that it can remove
those which are no longer present. Doing this as part of a merge
hook would be best.

I am experimenting with detached worktrees, but I cannot yet say
that these are the solution. The idea is that I have
~/.fgits/mutt.git holding the
repository, and core.worktree set to ../../, so that checkouts etc.
actually operate on ~/.fgits/mutt.git/../.. == ~. It works fine
until I need to commit a change, because that requires me to use
$GIT_DIR currently.

also sprach chombee <chombee at> [2007.11.26.2200 +0100]:
> So Joey finds that git works well for mboxes, and Venklatesh finds
> it works well for maildirs. Okay. I have maildirs. I'll give it
> a try.

I don't see the benefit of using Git for mail. Why not offlineimap?

One idea I have recently had, which is more about /etc than ~, but
might apply too:

Imagine a bare repo in /srv/gits/postfix.git with a post-receive
hook to call 'make -C /etc/postfix'. /etc/postfix itself is just
a checkout of this repo. Now when I make a change, I can either
clone the repo again, e.g. to /home/admin/postfix and push. This
causes make to be invoked and I can use /etc/postfix/Makefile to fix
up all permissions and run postfix reload. This is a bit of extra
work, but I think it's more robust and better than a general
solution, like etckeeper (which arguably has a different use case).

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