chombee chombee at
Mon Nov 26 22:00:59 CET 2007

So Joey finds that git works well for mboxes, and Venklatesh finds it 
works well for maildirs. Okay. I have maildirs. I'll give it a try.

On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 12:14:22PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Yes, that's mr

mr is really nice, it's so simple to get working. I'll use it to split 
up my one big repository as soon as I have time. The only question is 
where to keep my mr binary. Does that go in the one $HOME/ repository 
that rules them all? I think I might make a ~/bin/ repository.

I have a problem with my git pre-commit script for my pyblosxom repo. It 
reads the mtimes of all the files, and writes them into the files as 
lines like this:

#published 2007-11-27-blah-blah-timestamp

But the problem is that at the point of a git commit the file content 
has already been staged in the index. The pre-commit script modifies the 
working copy content, but not the index content, which is what gets 
committed. What you need is a pre-add script, but git doesn't provide 
that hook.

Could mr be the correct tool for this? It seems to me that the mr config 
file can define any of the mr commands per repository. You could 
therefore replace mr update with something like: "run pre-add script; 
git add . ; git commit -a;" That's sort of brittle though, it assumes 
you always want to add and commit everything in the repository. Maybe 
you can define a 'mr add' command for a repository?

Anyway, I'll play with it when I have time. For now, I have to 
concentrate on work work, which means continuing to dig a hole by using 
one big repository.

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