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Mon Nov 26 18:14:22 CET 2007

chombee wrote:
> Do you use the same setup as me, with a single centralised bare repo that every other repo pushes to and pulls from?

Each repo has a bare repo somewhere that it pushes to, yes.

> It looks as if you have a number of git repositories inside your first git repository. Do you just .gitignore them?


> Also do you have something to tie together working with so many different repos? It must be quite inconvenient to do status, add, rm, commit etc. on 
> 9 different repos all the time.

Yes, that's mr

> Any tips for versioning email with git? Does git work well for email?
> I thought it might perform badly on the two extremes that email
> presents: one big file (mbox) or one big folder with lots of small
> files in it (maildir). I guess you would always want to do 'git add .
> ; git commit -a;' to avoid having to manually add, rm and commit
> individual files. I think you might want to somehow auto-generate
> commit messages for email too.

It works ok for mailbox format archives, I have a cron job that adds and
commits the mail archives. Of course, there's the same problem as using
svn that the disk usage is approximatly doubled.

see shy jo
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