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Mon Nov 26 17:23:14 CET 2007

Thanks Joey,

I have some questions:

Do you use the same setup as me, with a single centralised bare repo that every other repo pushes to and pulls from?

It looks as if you have a number of git repositories inside your first git repository. Do you just .gitignore them?

Also do you have something to tie together working with so many different repos? It must be quite inconvenient to do status, add, rm, commit etc. on 
9 different repos all the time.

Any tips for versioning email with git? Does git work well for email? I thought it might perform badly on the two extremes that email presents: one 
big file (mbox) or one big folder with lots of small files in it (maildir). I guess you would always want to do 'git add . ; git commit -a;' to 
avoid having to manually add, rm and commit individual files. I think you might want to somehow auto-generate commit messages for email too.

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 09:45:02PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> I'd recommend taking some care at how you split the different parts of
> your home directory into different git repositories. One big repo is not
> a good idea. I have .. 89 repos checked out total, although the core of
> my home directory is really only 9:
> joey at kodama:~>mr -n 1 ls
> mr list: /home/joey/		# just enough to bootstrap the rest
> mr list: /home/joey/.cron	# crontabs
> mr list: /home/joey/.etc	# dotfiles I need everywhere
> mr list: /home/joey/.hide	# stuff for trusted machines only
> mr list: /home/joey/.plus	# dotfiles/dirs that use lots of space,
> 				# only for machines with reasonable disk
> mr list: /home/joey/doc		# private notes, etc
> mr list: /home/joey/lib		# various cruft..
> mr list: /home/joey/mail	# 1 gb of mail archives, going all the
> 				# way back to 1995.
> mr list: /home/joey/src		# misc source code and a .mrconfig
> 				# to check out 80-odd other source repos
> mr list: finished (9 ok; 3 skipped)
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> see shy jo

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