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Fri Mar 31 09:50:29 CEST 2017

Personally I prefer git subtree over git submodules. And that said, you're
using vcsh which allows for multiple git repos. So instead of git
submodules, just use additional repos.

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 6:58 AM martin f krafft <madduck at> wrote:

> also sprach Joshua Haase <hahj87 at> [2017-03-31 05:37 +0200]:
> > > The file .gitmodules (man 5 gitmodules, for use with git-submodule)
> > > is hardcoded to reside in $GIT_WORK_DIR/.gitmodules. As vcsh
> > > repositories all share the same work dir, there's a conflict.
> >
> > Why do you need git modules?
> For instance, my awesome config relies on the lain plugin, and
> I also use subprojects for e.g. pass, mutt, vim, and others.
> How else would you do it? Note that I consider a checkout as part of
> a configuration, so I want to decide myself when I pull a new
> version and commit that to config, along with possibly required
> changes therein. Thus, using myrepos to just recursively pull
> doesn't really do what I expect. git-submodules is exactly what
> I want.
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