Dealing with .gitmodules

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also sprach Joshua Haase <hahj87 at> [2017-03-31 05:37 +0200]:
> > The file .gitmodules (man 5 gitmodules, for use with git-submodule)
> > is hardcoded to reside in $GIT_WORK_DIR/.gitmodules. As vcsh
> > repositories all share the same work dir, there's a conflict.
> Why do you need git modules?

For instance, my awesome config relies on the lain plugin, and
I also use subprojects for e.g. pass, mutt, vim, and others.

How else would you do it? Note that I consider a checkout as part of
a configuration, so I want to decide myself when I pull a new
version and commit that to config, along with possibly required
changes therein. Thus, using myrepos to just recursively pull
doesn't really do what I expect. git-submodules is exactly what
I want.

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