integrating an existing git repo in vcsh

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Thu Feb 4 02:09:22 CET 2016

also sprach Alan Schmitt <alan.schmitt at> [2016-02-04 00:34 +1100]:
> I could not find how to do the following in the documentation.
> I already have my .emacs.d under git, and I’m looking into vcsh
> for other configuration files. Is it possible to integrate this
> existing repo in vcsh?

It should be as easy as cloning the repo with vcsh, though I suspect
you'll have to first modify the contents and move all files to
./.emacs.d/, assuming that that's currently the worktree of your Git
repo. vcsh uses ~/ as the worktree, and so your files would
otherwise all be checked out to ~/ instead of ~/.emacs.d/ .

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