ls tricks for git-annex?

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Fri Sep 26 13:00:53 CEST 2014

also sprach Axel Beckert <abe at> [2014-09-25 08:58 +0200]:
> direnv - Utility to set directory specific environment variables
> environment-modules - Modular system for handling environment variables
> envstore - save and restore environment variables

Yeah, I know about those and it's a possible usecase, except it
requires you to chdir() and the last time I tried these solutions,
they were brittle and could get messy. Setting variables on chdir()
is trivial to do. The problem has always been clearing the
environment when leaving the directory.

But direnv looks good and I will give it a try.

Does anyone have other ideas too?

What would be nice would be /bin/ls with a flag e.g.

  ls --dereference-if-reference-matches=*.git/annex/objects/* …

Unfortunately, I fear that we won't be able to get that (still:

Of course, I could do something along the lines of

  myls() {
    local usecolor; usecolor=never
    [ -t 1 ] && usecolor=always
    ls --color=$usecolor "$@" |
      while read line; do
        case "$line" in
          (*-\> *.git/annex/objects/*)
            echo "@${${line#l}% ->*}";;
            echo "$line";;

but there is something in me that says it's a really bad idea to use
a pipe here, even if I could live with parsing the output of ls for
this cause.

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