Git and Subsets of Files

Dylan Kinnett dylan at
Wed Sep 25 05:07:42 CEST 2013


I hope this group is a good place to ask questions like this. I'm new to
version control, but I'm quickly finding Git to be a great way to manage my
collection of writings. I do have a question, though. I have, for example,
a repository that contains 200 .txt files. Each one is the text of a poem.
Now, I'd like to set aside 20 of those files, for example, to create a
manuscript. While I'm working with those 20 files and thinking of them as a
group, I may make changes to them. I would like, of course, for those
changes to be reflected in my "master" repository of all 200 files, as well
as within the smaller group. Is there a way to manage such a thing with a
Git branch? As I understand it, a branch is typically for working with a
copy of all the files. Would it work for what I have in mind, if the branch
only contains a sub-set of those files?

Thanks for any advice you may have,


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