mr/vcsh integration

Andre Klärner kandre at
Sat Apr 27 02:24:37 CEST 2013

Hi all,

madduck's last mail reminded me about something I struggeled with when I
started using vcsh and read about all that mr-related stuff.

One of my first impressions was, that one could register a vcsh-repo with
mr quite easily with "mr register" but it seems to only work with regular
repositories. Has someone an idea how this might be possible to achieve?
Also I thought about a "vcsh clone --register-with-mr $URL" if that might
be easier.

Also I found it quite hard to understand how to use mr to clone and
maintain my repositories, and I think I still got it not totally right and
simply stopped the trying over and over each time testing with a new user..
If one of you wants to point me to my errors:

Thanks and kind regards,

Andre Klärner

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