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Sat May 26 12:02:36 CEST 2012


it seems like i had the wrong adress for the zsh list. Please disregard
this mail and do not answer to it.

Sorry for the confusion.


* Valentin Haenel <valentin at> [2012-05-26]:
> Hi,
> first, please excuse the posting, but I have something that might
> interest zsh people and also vcs-home people.
> I have worked on a zsh completion for git-annex:
> I have had it simmer for quite a while and current it works for me™.
> Now, several people have asked me to get this included upstream, i.e. in
> zsh. So my question is, what are the required steps and what aspects of
> the completion need to be cleaned up for it to stand a chance of getting
> included.
> One of the possible issues I see, is that git-annex is evolving very,
> very quickly and that once included in zsh, the completion may lag
> behind git-annex itself.
> V-
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