Methods for archiving e-mail

Sean Whitton sean at
Fri Apr 20 21:08:20 CEST 2012

I currently run my own mail and web server on a VPS; the only other
thing I use this VPS for now is hosting my vcshome git repos, and I
think I’m wasting my money, so I was thinking of switching to a
service like for e-mail and web and moving small git
repositories there, larger ones to S3 using jgit [1].  I think that
this would be more cost-effective and also no sysadmin burden.

1) I am wondering if anyone has had any experience of pushing and
pulling git to S3: how is the bandwidth usage, since that can be

2) I currently split my e-mail into my current inbox and folders, a
few hundred megabytes, and 5GB of archives removed by the archivemail
script.  It would be much more useful to have my archives stored
locally, for easier searching, backed up to S3 somehow.  Anyone got
any vcshome-style experience of storing e-mails?  Git on a Maildir,
git-annex on mboxes?  Any recommendations appreciated.



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