more git-annex plumbing

Thomas Koch thomas at
Tue Apr 17 13:23:34 CEST 2012

Joey Hess:
> > - calculate checksum of a file
> > - doesAnnexHasChecksum?
> > - doesAnnexHasFile?
> > 
> >   Useful to deduplicate files from many old CD backups
> git annex find --format can be used to get at this to some extent.
> But I'd instead suggest to just add the files, let git-annex deduplicate
> the data, which it does automatically, and if desired dedup the
> filenames afterwards.

I meant: give me the checksum of an arbitrary file that is not yet in the 

> > - checksum to path
> > - move file into annex
> > 
> >   You already have an annexed file somewhere on the disk and just want to
> >   move
> > 
> > it in the local annex without copying it
> Sounds like the reinject command, I think?

Sorry, I somehow thought reinject would _copy_ instead of _move_. Don't 
remember my exact problem anymore.
But anyways, why isn't the destination optional? I'd like to:

- reinject several files or folders at once without resorting to shell 
- maybe also: reinject and symlink/hardlink from old location


Thomas Koch,

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