Doc on creating a remo repo without cloning

Joey Hess joey at
Sat Nov 26 01:06:02 CET 2011

Thomas Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm starting to learn git-annex and tried by creating one local git-annex 
> enabled repo on my laptop. Then I wanted to create another non-bare repo on my 
> server to push to it.
> I can not access my laptop from the server, since I'm sitting behind a NAT. 
> However there are at least two hurdles when I want to create another repo 
> without cloning:
> - I can not push to the remote repo without setting 
>       receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore

Push to a bare repository, and clone the bare repository.

> - When I do a simple git push, git tries to push the git-annex branch. However 
> I understand that the git-annex branch is local to each repo and should not be 
> shared? I get non-fast-forward complains on a push attempt.

No, the git-annex branch contains its state which must be shared between
all repositories, so it knows which repositories have which files.
You may need to run `git annex merge` before pushing this branch. Most
of the time, git-annex automatically does this merge.

see shy jo
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