mr: chaining to absolute paths

Joey Hess joey at
Sun Nov 6 22:48:41 CET 2011

Adam Spiers wrote:
> Thanks for the info, but I'm confused because that doesn't seem to
> correspond exactly with the layout you gave earlier.  For example, you
> said that you have a ~/doc/.mrconfig, but you didn't say that there
> was a repository tracking ~/doc itself - only that ~/doc had various
> document repositories inside it.

Every directory I showed is a separate repository.

> So is your ~/doc/.mrconfig tracked by a repository?  If so it sounds
> like you have nested repositories, which git would presumably detect
> as submodules unless you are using a symlink manager?

git does not detect nested git repos as submodules, that would have to
be explicitly set up.

see shy jo

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