new mr patches on their way (not quite ready yet though)

Joey Hess joey at
Fri Dec 2 16:42:14 CET 2011

Adam Spiers wrote:
> OK, so to summarise, would it be correct to say that you are prepared
> to review
>   (a) a master branch only containing self-contained commits
> and/or
>   (b) topic branches which contain a series of non-self-contained
>       commits representing a single line of development?


> I have mr acting on ~70 repositories.  Each one results in several
> hundred lines of output with -v5 (which is equivalent to your upstream
> '-v'), or a minimum of ~15 lines with -v4 (which hides 'lib' code).
> So we are talking about either hundreds or thousands of lines of
> output.  Therefore to debug certain things (usually issues with one of
> my plugins or .mrconfig files) I frequently have to pipe the output to
> less(1) and then use a combination of grepping and scrolling up/down
> by the page.

If you're trying to debug something, why are you running mr on more
than the one repository necessary to reproduce the problem?

see shy jo
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