Another dotfiles manager

Rémi Vanicat vanicat at
Thu Mar 11 17:52:43 CET 2010

martin f krafft <madduck at> writes:

> also sprach chombee <chombee at> [2010.03.10.1822 +0100]:
>> I'm sure everyone already has their own one of these, but I just wanted
>> to post my dotfile manager:
>> I've been using it for a while now and it seems to work well, I've
>> ironed out a couple of bugs that it initially had. It's basically a
>> re-implementation of Steve Kemp's dotfile manager in Python, but with
>> some minor design tweaks.
> I wonder what these offer that GNU stow or xstow couldn't do.
> Similarly, I wonder why people use symlinks instead of hardlinks.

When I open a symlink to a git managed file, Emacs notice it, and
propose to open the symlinked file, with all bell and whistle that my
Emacs configuration have with regard to git files
Rémi Vanicat

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