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Mon Mar 2 10:20:02 CET 2009

* Ben Finney <bignose+hates-spam at> [2009-02-27 12:15]:
> tchomby <tchomby at> writes:
> > * You only have to create the repo once. Creating new repos
> > is a PITA. After a simple git init; git add .; git commit;
> > you have to make a bare clone of the repo, scp that to your
> > central server, then update the original repo to track the
> > central clone, _and_ clone the repo onto your other machines,
> > add it to your mrconfig file... It's complicated enough that
> > things are likely to go wrong.
> Wow, that does sound like a PITA. I'm glad I'm using Bazaar;
> replication is simply a matter of ‘bzr push’ or ‘bzr pull’,
> depending on the direction.

He’s talking about the steps involved in setting up repos as part
of a system that manages many repos.

Pushing and pulling individual repos is just as easy in git as
you describe it in bzr.

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