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Juliano F. Ravasi ml at
Wed Aug 27 19:51:18 CEST 2008

David Bremner wrote:
> Well, of course this is a matter of your personal workflow, but for
> me, not being able to commit (or even more importantly to branch)
> really is a hinderence.

For me too, while I'm working with software.

For my homedir (it is *my* workflow, it may not be true for everyone), I
use it to distribute my backups and sync between machines. That means
that I have to be connected nevertheless.

>  I'm not sure if we are staying on topic here,
> but it really surprised me after I switched from subversion to git how
> much more integrated into my workflow the SCM system became, in the
> sense that rather than thinking about working on a file, and making
> snapshots of the file,  I am working on a commit.

Sure. For me it is the same.

> I do agree that that the non-handling of metadata and (to a lesser
> extent) empty directories is a hassle for using git (which is the only
> one of the DVCSs that I know) for vcs-home.


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