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>Any tips for versioning email with git? Does git work well for email? I
>thought it might perform badly on the two extremes that email presents:
>one big file (mbox) or one big folder with lots of small files in it
>(maildir). I guess you would always want to do 'git add . ; git commit
>-a;' to avoid having to manually add, rm and commit individual files. I
>think you might want to somehow auto-generate commit messages for email

I can't comment on git for my homedir, because I use hg for that, but I do
use git for my email. 

Git performs very well on my maildir (~29,000 messages, 754MB) - right
now, I have a little script that is called from cron on my server that
adds, removes, and commits every so often. Sync generally takes at most
10/15 seconds. 

The reason I used git for my mail (instead of hg) is that git is just
plain faster for this.
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