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Adam Compton comptona at
Sat May 12 01:12:53 CEST 2007

>> This is pretty much what I am thinking, as well.  I went to actually
>> implement this, and ran into a problem.  When I propedit the
>> svn:externals, I cannot do something like:
>> . svn+ssh://
>> where home is a repository of what i want to appear in $HOME.  I
>> suppose I could pop up to /home on the client machine and edit the
>> properties like
>> username svn+ssh://
>> but that is weird as I would essentially be working outside of my
>> home dir.
>> Is there a better way to do this?
>> K
> That's what various kinds of svnfix scripts are all about, the goal 
> being that you stick this stuff in another externals directory and 
> symlink it into place. So you create
> .common_dotfiles svn+ssh://
> and have the script make symlinks like
> .foo -> .common_dotfiles/foo
> .bar -> .common_dotfiles/bar
> My svnfix script on the wiki may be helpful here, or you may want a more 
> automatic way of discovering what should be symlinked.
You can also add symlinks to subversion themselves; since 1.1, I think, 
they will be handled properly.

My setup has a .common directory with "bash", "elisp", "work", etc. 
directories beneath it, which are each checked out with svn:externals. 
My home directory repository then just contains a stack of symlinks, 
which resolve properly once the .common directory is checked out.

- Adam Compton

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