Any thoughts on those distributed systems?

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also sprach Micah R Ledbetter <vlack-lists at> [2007.08.22.1909 +0200]:
> Does anyone have any experience with these systems?

I am sure. I can claim a pretty good understanding of git by now,
but I've spent a year with bzr and had a good look at hg.

> Based on the Joyent podcast (see below) and what else I've read,
> bazaar seems to be the most interesting project. It tracks code
> changes and file changes.

To each their own. I've found bazaar to be slow and have really
fallen in love with the way git does things. I preferred hg over bzr
by the way they do things, but once I saw git, all the others faded.

> ...but I can't figure out if bzr's and git's code-tracking is
> language-dependent or what. Is it going to track C functions
> better than .tcshrc snippets? Besides, while I do move code around
> between files *sometimes* (for instance, between
> dhd/host/mj/emacs.el and dhd/hbase/.emacs), it's not a very common
> operation for me.

Both (all) track at the line-level. So it does not matter what kind
of text you track with them.

> Discuss!

I am not really sure this is the right place for this discussion,
since this is about storing your $HOME directory in a version
control system, not about version control systems.

For your discussion, I think and this mailing
list: are much
better suited.

> Git for svn users crash course:


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