Any thoughts on those distributed systems?

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at
Wed Aug 22 19:09:52 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I've been reading about a few of the other vc systems (and of course  
I'm aware of Linus' opinions :-> ), and one thing that stood out  
among the distributed systems - particularly git, bazaar, and  
mercurial - was their claims of easy merge support. Now, I don't have  
too many problems, since I'm the only one modifying my repository,  
but if there was a way to cut down on merge time, that'd be pretty  

Does anyone have any experience with these systems?

Based on the Joyent podcast (see below) and what else I've read,  
bazaar seems to be the most interesting project. It tracks code  
changes and file changes.

I can't really tell if git is worth it or not. It has that really  
cool idea of tracking *code* instead of *files*... and it doesn't  
track files at all.

...but I can't figure out if bzr's and git's code-tracking is  
language-dependent or what. Is it going to track C functions better  
than .tcshrc snippets? Besides, while I do move code around between  
files *sometimes* (for instance, between dhd/host/mj/emacs.el and dhd/ 
hbase/.emacs), it's not a very common operation for me.


  - Micah

PS: Some resources:

Linus on Git: video & transcript: 
Joyent people discuss VCS on podcast; say bazaar is technically  
	(long podcast, not all vcs-related... starts maybe about half way?)
Bazaar switcher guides:
Git for svn users crash course:
Mercurial compared to other tools:

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