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> On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 12:48:06PM -0800, Martin
> Fick wrote:
> > A while ago I added a small section on organizing
> > your repositories to the wiki here:
> > 
> >
> What I am currently interested in is maintaing
> different "trunks" for different computers.  For
> example, when I use my laptop, I want to have
> everything, but when i login to my girlfriend's
> laptop, I do not need any source or likely any work
> stuff, but I probably want my $HOME and some of my
> personal docs if I am, say, editing my resume.

> I guess my only problem is how to do this gracefully
> with my current setup which is my $HOME with some
> svn:externals pointing to the source tree, work
> tree, and personal tree...

What I am beginning to do is something like this,
create a repository called 'layout', use this
repository to organize different views and not really
any actual files.  Something like this:



each one of these "leaf" directories (which are not
nec. actually leaves, but could be the root of an
entire structure) in my diagram would contain some svn

This way, at work in your home directory you would


which may then contain externals such as:

which will automatically get checked out!  But at home
you would instead check out:


which might then contain even more externals such as:

But when you are on your gf's laptop, you check out:


which might then contain a more limited set:

Or, you could even add another level under
/layout/home with different user accounts and host a
repo for your gf's files too!

Hopefully from this you can see where to go.  I added
the machine examples also because you might want to
manage the layout of other data besides just home
directories.  Maybe you have your music available
through svn, but you also have a music server
somewhere.  In this case you will choose a directory
somewhere on that music server to check your music out
into.  This directory will not necessarily be in
someone's home directory, but nevertheless it might
have several data sources and you can then also manage
them through externals...

If this helps,feel free to use it to enhance that wiki

Good luck,


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