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Charles Mauch wrote:
> Hey all!
> I just discovered this list after revisiting Joey's site.  I've been
> keeping my homedir in subversion for a little more than a year now, and
> have been recently been toying with the idea of trying out some of the
> newer rcs software that's been popping up these days.
> I have quite a bit of experience with both CVS and SVN, so I've been
> looking at software that operates in a somewhat similar manner.  I made a
> stab at switching to SVK about a week ago - and it's just not working out.
> For one thing, while SVK offers the incredibly useful disconnected mode of
> operation, the lack of externals support is driving me nuts.  It also seems
> to clobber my hard links, which I use to keep particular files syncronized
> between repositories.  Subversion seemed to respect my hard links.  The
> other thing I liked about SVK was the fact that it did not spread .svn or
> CVS or {{arch}} directories throughout my filesystem.
> I also tried gnuarch for a few days, but arch's idea of namespace's feels
> totally wrong and frankly confuses and eludes me.

I agree, arch has a huge problem in that area.

> Do any of you use other rcs systems to manage your homedirs?  I've heard of
> mercurial, git, darcs, bzr and a few others.  What I'd *like* is to find
> something comparable with svn or cvs syntax, but offers the ability to work
> offline like gnuarch or svk.  The concept of including an external repo, or
> at least mirror a portion of a repo from within another would be really
> handy too (aka: snv:externals)

My random thoughts on the matter:
 - the svn:externals feature is often called "load dirs"
 - bzr it is supposed to work over the namespace and interface arch has;
don't know how/if it handles load dirs
 - I have read nice things about monotone and seems to do the right
thing in most cases; has a nice user interface, but needs a dedicated
server (correction, just read that it lready has from release 0.26pre3);
many things change from one version to another (read: not stable enough
yet, sometimes there are incompatible changes); not sure if it handles
load dirs
 - darcs - really nice and simple user interface; every copy is a full
blown repository; there is a darcs-load-dirs - I never tested it;
*really* slow on big repositories; allows commits (records) as fine
grained as "per hunk" in contrast to (all?) others that allow "per
file"; does *NOT* have a concept of revisions in the Subversion/CVS
meaning (everything is a patch with a name); you can selectively pull in
patches (~/bin/ improvements), but you need to keep some order in your
patches namespace
 - git and mercurial - AFAIK they are both fast, but I don't know how
they fit in the home in VCS picture; don't know much about them

> Thanks!  And Joey, thanks for that article back on onlamp.  My
> homedirectory has never been quite the same :)

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