Proposing a VCS-Home wiki

Kelly Clowers kelly.clowers at
Sun Nov 5 07:02:00 CET 2006

On 11/4/06, Martin Fick <mogulguy at> wrote:
> --- Vim Visual <vim.unix at> wrote:
> > But "as a reward" I promise to write a detailed web
> > site with everything I have learnt and a how-to for
> > dummies (like me) to live in svn!
> On that note, I would like to propose that we start a
> wiki for VCS-Home type of stuff.  I have setup a group
> on my personal wiki that we could use for this.  I
> figure that we could organize ideas and scripts better
> with a wiki than a mailing list.  While I am in no
> means suggesting eliminating this list, I just figured
> that a wiki wold help us archive and document proposed
> solutions that people on the list mention.
> The homepage is:
> and everything in the VCS-Home group should be
> editable without a password.  Please, DO add anything
> related to the VCS-Home subject there, you may even
> upload scripts if you'd like.  And if anyone asks, yes
> it is being archived automatically with subversion. :)
>  I will post my scripts there for that eventually.
> -Martin

That's great! A wiki is just the thing for this kind of setup.
Can I link to the wiki and the list from my website? Not
that anyone vists my site or anything...

Maybe someone should ask about linking to Joey's article
(is he on this list)? And there is at least one other doument
about vcs-home out on the web somewhere... Here it is:

I'll try get around to putting some stuff on the wiki fairly soon.


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