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Ken Bloom kbloom at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 16:06:56 CEST 2006

On Thursday 27 July 2006 23:32, Martin Fick wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the status of this list, there are no messages
> in the archives?

The list just spring into existence here in the last couple of weeks.

> I have been using svn to backup most of the stuff in
> my home directory for over a year now.  I also use it
> to store my digital photos.  I think Joey's article
> inspired me originally to do this.  I had thought
> about it with CVS, but it was just not very good at
> it.  Once I started using svn at work and was
> comfortable with it, it seemed right.
> Currently I have built and use:
> -a script to "adjust" a working dir so that it is
> ready to be checked in "as is" to subversion.

Is this for doing things like removing all of the constantly changing 
metadata from your bookmarks files so they don't always come into 
conflict? Or does it have some other purpose?

> Since I have also used svn for my /etc dirs, I have
> found one tool majorly lacking, a permissions tool, I
> will probably work on something like that soon, I have
> some similar script that could probably be easily
> modified to fit this need.  Has anyone else done this
> already?

Joey Hess' strategy (from his articles) was to have the cvsfix (later 
renamed svnfix) scripts that had a bunch of chmod commands for getting 
permissions right and a bunch of ln commands for linking dot 
directories from .home-plus into the right places.

A method I'd be more interested in trying though would be to create a 
script that stores permissions and link locations in Subversion 
properties, for example svnhome:permissions and svnhome:links. The 
script would recurse a directory (even recursing into other working 
dirs nested within the current working dir) doing three things:
* set permissions on a file according to that file's svnhome:permissions
* create links to a file in the locations listed in that file's
* remove broken links. (you'd probably also want a directory-level
  svnhome:ignorelinks property that told the script not to worry about
  broken links listed in that property)

I don't have any such tool, and dont really feel I need it all that 
much, but I just might give it a shot sometime. Or if you want, you can 
take this as design specifications for your own script.


Ken Bloom. PhD candidate. Linguistic Cognition Laboratory.
Department of Computer Science. Illinois Institute of Technology.
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