Things seem quiet...

Kevin Lyda kevin at
Mon Dec 19 13:17:31 CET 2016

I first considered putting my homedir in version control when I was using
CVS. By the time I did I was using subversion so went with that. Switched
to mercurial a few years later. I'd been wanting to switch to git as
mercurial's branches and merging were a little annoying.

So I was very happy to find vcsh. It's been great and has made loads of
things easy. For instance due to interactions between zsh and nfs I'd long
ago switched my shell history file to have the hostname in it so putting my
history files into a history repo was a great option. So now I can hunt
down that command I used on some machine a while back with "vcsh past grep

However the vcsh repo and the mailing list seem extremely quiet. And there
do seem to be a number of people with outstanding questions and pull
requests (including me!). Would it be possible for some of us to pitch in
and help Rich work through those issues? I'd be happy to try and get the
project to "pull-request-zero."


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