newbie: "fake" README for remote of a `vcsh` repo?

John Whitley whitley at
Tue Feb 10 19:40:01 CET 2015

Tom Roche wrote:
> Unfortunately, that's not my question/problem[2]: I'm asking about the
> *input* side, or *pre-commit*: how can I get a README into the root of a
> vcsh-based repo (to make it available for a remote/web repo) *without*
> putting it into ${HOME} pre-commit?

Tom, if I understand your use case correctly, I'll suggest that you're
rather over complicating things.  Just check out your child repos
(vcsh-bash, vcsh-emacs) elsewhere for the input-side editing of the
README.rst files.  E.g. I do this sort of thing in separate clones,
unrelated to vcsh or $HOME, under ~/src.  That's also useful when I want
to work on very experimental changes that I don't want mucking up $HOME.
 So the workflow would be:

1) cd ~/src
2) git clone <path-to>:vcsh-bash.git
3) cd vcsh-bash
4) edit README.rst to your heart's content
5) commit, push

Wash, rinse, repeat for other repos that need README.rst files.

So long as you have the aforementioned output-side concerns taken care
of, this should work just fine.  It's always clear precisely which
README.rst you're editing and committing at a time without adding undue
weight to vcsh itself to manage this problem.

Also, thanks for bringing this question here. I've been meaning to setup
(the output-side..) stuff in my repos to allow me to add README files
for ages, and this is a great prompting to get off my arse and do it. 


P.S.  I note that the vcsh Ubuntu bug earlier in the thread is listed as
fixed as of a few hours ago (by user @racb).

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