Can I make 'one-shot' mr actions?

Evade Flow evadeflow at
Fri Aug 21 19:07:06 CEST 2015

Doh—I had a bonus 'not' in the most important sentence in my post. In case
it wasn't clear from the context, I meant to ask:

Is there some way I can coax mr into running an action just once, instead
of once per repository?

On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 9:26 AM, Evade Flow <evadeflow at> wrote:

> Greetings! I recently discovered mr, and—for me—it's the 'missing link'
> for dealing with projects comprised of a dozen or more 'micro repos'. I
> really appreciate how easy it is to create custom actions that target
> *all* repositories. I'm at a point now where I'd like to implement some
> convenience functions for various repo-juggling tasks that only target a
> subset of repositories—or no repositories at all. I'm basically looking for
> a way to include arbitrary shell functions in my .mrconfig and invoke
> them the same as any other action, but with arguments specifying which
> repo(s) they should target. What I'm trying to achieve is something like
> this:
> $ mr hide rtt-gameclock bugfix-reboot
> mr hide: /home/acme/projects/rtt/../.repos/rtt-gameclock
> Rename /home/acme/projects/rtt/../.repos/rtt-gameclock to
> rtt-gameclock.bugfix-reboot [y/N]? y
> Renamed rtt-gameclock to rtt-gameclock.bugfix-reboot!
> $ mr unhide
> 1. rtt-event-server.wip-replay
> 2. rtt-gameclock.bugfix-reboot
> 3. rtt-vds.wip-pcl-overlay
> $ mr unhide 2
> Rename /home/acme/projects/rtt/../.repos/rtt-gameclock.bugfix-reboot to
> rtt-gameclock [y/N]? y
> Renamed rtt-gameclock.bugfix-reboot to rtt-gameclock!
> Basically, I am (among other things) trying to make it easy for my team to
> 'shelve' work by temporarily renaming a working copy and re-cloning it.
> We're using Mercurial, and several team members prefer to use fresh clones
> as 'topic branches' rather than trying to make sense of hg bookmarks. But
> this is just one such task that I'd like to have mr wrap.
> Obviously, I could just  create a separate Bash script for these
> functions, and perhaps that's what I'll wind up doing; but I like the
> consistency of having all repo management commands be spelled mr
> <something>, and it would streamline the setup instructions for
> developers, too, if everything were wrapped up in the .mrconfig file.
> Is there some way I can coax mr into not running an action just once,
> instead of once per repository?
> Any insight much appreciated—thanks!

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