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Mon Apr 13 11:12:54 CEST 2015

On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 10:56 AM, Cosmin Apreutesei
<cosmin.apreutesei at> wrote:

> I found vcsh today while looking for similar projects to mine[1] that
> exploited GIT_DIR to do overlaid git repos.

Out of interest, did you find anything else?

> It seems that vcsh and
> multigit are quite similar although they started out from trying to
> solve different problems. Multigit started from a
> git-based-package-manager angle (for Lua modules) while vcsh started
> from a git-based-home-directory-manager angle.

FWIW, bremner has abused vcsh as a poor man's multigit and there's a
feature/agnostic branch for vcsh which go in a similar direction.

> You can see that
> difference in flavor in the command line options and features,
> although many options are strikingly similar.

Heh, quite. I have to say that I find the order of the release
subcommands counter-intuitive and the total control user commands can
have somewhat dangerous, but your clone foo=12345 is quite brilliant,
especially for multigit's use case.

> Anyway it is nice to see
> that other people "get it". It's quite a powerful and low-tech way to
> combine modularity and change control.

Agreed. There should be more like this :)


PS: I am half-wondering if it would make sense to merge the two, but
as you store directory-specific (by default) and I store user-specific
(by default) that may be a way of. _Or_ an excuse to extend one of

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