automating git-annex relationships

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Tue Sep 9 15:24:12 CEST 2014

I found some time to play with myrepos & vcsh & git-annex and it's
looking good. Thank you Joey and RichiH for taking this field so
much further! There are still a couple of warts, but we are
lightyears from where we were when I last could look into this
stuff. \o/

mr+vcsh are now tracking most of my config via, so
it's a spoke-design.

I also want to use one (or two) central Git servers for my git-annex
stuff. However, ideally, data can be exchanged between my laptop and
the desktop directly. This can be easily done simply by adding the
appropriate Git remotes on all ends…

… except I'd really rather find a way to automate this!

Has anyone come up with a smart way of auto-configuring
relationships between hosts? git-annex keeps track of where files
are, so theoretically, it should be able to auto-configure the
remotes if I tell it that two remotes are directly in reach of each

The info output on one host says:

  288d720f-62e5-4703-b74e-8511af1715c4 -- madduck at fishbowl:~/family/veronika/photos [here]
  296d71bb-1aef-4381-b15a-8c9f13836254 -- madduck at albatross:~/family/veronika/photos
  ecedc885-2ecd-4f3a-8bae-ae2c27ae1f37 -- madduck at julia:/srv/git/priv/family/veronika/photos.git [origin]

and obviously the other host (albatross) has [here] in its line.

I would really like to be able to tell git-annex that fishbowl and
albatross can indeed talk to each other. As a consequence, git-annex
would automatically set up a relationship between them (using

Have you thought of this?

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