Git and Subsets of Files

Olaf TNSB still.another.person at
Wed Sep 25 07:10:32 CEST 2013

Git handles symlinks perfectly.

On 25/09/2013 2:38 PM, "Dylan Kinnett" <dylan.kinnett at> wrote:

> That does sound delightfully simple. I just didn't know: how does Git
> handle symbolic links? Thanks for that suggestion. :)
> On Sep 25, 2013, at 12:35 AM, Olaf TNSB <still.another.person at>
> wrote:
> Couldn't you keep it really simple, create a sub-directory, "anthology",
> and use symbolic links to the files?
> Olaf
> On 25/09/2013 1:49 PM, "Dylan Kinnett" <dylan at> wrote:
>> Would it be better, then, to create a fork, instead of a branch? (I don't
>> understand forks just yet.) In my situation here, I wouldn't want to treat
>> the non-edited files as deleted although I would want to move the changes
>> back to the master version, but also I also wouldn't want the sub-set to
>> contain all of the files.
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