How to start syncing two existing directories with git annex?

Sean Hammond snhmnd at
Tue Nov 26 15:51:05 CET 2013

> Thanks all. I'm going to try the simplest method: just run git annex
> assistant on both machines, drag the music dir into the annex on both
> machines, and let it deal with it. Some unnecessary transferring and
> temporary on-disk duplication should not be a problem. I've made a
> backup first, just in case.

I think it worked. Git annex assistant did a lot of transferring, and 
when it was eventually done the number of files and size of the 
~/Annex/Music dir is exactly the same on both machines, and the files 
look fine.

The ~/Annex/.git dirs are quite big though: 640M and 1.5G. I ran git gc 
--aggressive --prune on them, and got them down to 180M and 894M. That 
still seems surprisingly large but I guess it's not big enough to cause 
a problem.

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