dvcs-autosync notes after first use

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Sun Sep 2 11:16:41 CEST 2012

René Mayrhofer:
> Am Donnerstag, 30. August 2012, 17:20:15 schrieb Thomas Koch:
> > I just installed and tryied dvcs-autosync 0.5 from Debian. Is anybody
> > actively using and developing this?
> I am, but not actively at the moment. The TODO list for dvcs-autosync is
> longer than I would like it to be, but unfortunately I cannot currently
> devote any time to fix it. I hope for this situation to improve in the
> next few months, though.

I continue collecting issues:

- I thought that gitignore would be honored (project wise and global) but it 

- I added the ignore pattern .#* (emacs lock files) which seems to honored on 
inotify create events. But I still get error messages when the file is deleted 
and a git rm failed on the file.

- There are a couple of code duplications in the three OS specific 

- My files get committed but no push happens afterwards. Maybe because I 
haven't set up XMPP?

I'm motivated to exercise python a bit but I'd rather fill issues before I 
start to hack and it would be good to know if you'd have time to merge pull 

Could you use some other issue tracker facility then your self hosted redmine? 
It throws ssl warning messages and it's an unnecessary burden to create just 
another account.

There are many hosting facilities listed at:

The list still misses https://evolvis.org (of tarent GmbH) and 
https://fedorahosted.org .

I know of git-annex assistant (and sponsored it a bit) but I think there's 
room for an alternative project in the same space which might do some things 
different (e.g. also support other DVCS's).


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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