status of sharebox-fs?

René Mayrhofer rene at
Thu May 24 15:20:31 CEST 2012

On 2012-05-23 21:17, Joey Hess wrote:
> No, I punted on it. The inotify managed directory will behave
> differently/annoyingly when the user tries to modify files. This
> certianly doesn't perfectly cover every use case, but I feel it's an
> ok tradeoff, you can get used to that behavior.
There is some event coalescing code towards making file changes less
annoying in my current dvcs-autosync devel branch (on gitorious).
However, due to time constraints, I haven't yet gotten around to
implementing the corner cases that I wanted to for about 4 months....
(Hint: unpacking a big tar file is something I don't want to see being
split into as many separate git commits as there are files, while I
would like a commit for every change to a document I am currently
editing - there's a trade-off in there when only passively monitoring
the changes via inotify.)

If you'd like to talk about a few of the issues, I hope to find time to
do so (life will remain crazy for the next about 4 months). I've been
playing with the inotify-triggered commits idea for a while and already
bumped my nose at a few ugly cases that I might assist you in avoiding.

best regards,

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