status of sharebox-fs?

Joey Hess joey at
Wed May 23 19:42:39 CEST 2012

Christophe-Marie Duquesne wrote:
> It's not. It will be some day :)
> Due to heavy workload, I had to stop working on sharebox-fs. Expect
> the development to go on after november (right now I have to focus on
> writing my thesis).
> Don't worry, the development will go on: I absolutely want to finish
> writing this piece of software, I have spent too much time thinking
> about it :)

I had a look at it the other day. Got it basically working, but never
saw it actually git-annex add any files that I added.

I am doubtful about using FUSE though, it makes it harder to set up and
adds overhead whenever the large files are read, which is not ideal,
and means you really do need to use C to keep the overhead as small as
possible, but using C is not ideal for other reasons. :)

I suppose it would not be out of place to mention the Kickstarter
project I have just launched today. The first 1/3rd of it will be
using inotify to automatically add files, and keep a directory in sync.

Right now I am thinking about good ways to approach the distributed
syncing. IIRC the original sharebox did something neat with XMPP to
broadcast change notifications, avoiding polling, but adding complexity.
NAT traversal is also a hard problem, when none of the repos have a public
IP address. Also interesting is finding the paths through the network
of repos that gets data transferred to each most efficiently.

see shy jo
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