git annex get performance issues with rsync

Joey Hess joey at
Wed Jan 18 17:09:50 CET 2012

Adam Spiers wrote:
> One of my USB drives just died, so I'm doing a 'git annex get --not
> --copies 1' to re-attain data redundancy.  It seems that a new rsync
> instance is invoked for each file?  In my case, I have thousands of
> photos which are big enough to be worth annexing but still not
> individually huge, so it seems that the overhead of each rsync
> invocation is significantly impacting throughput.  A quick empirical
> test showed in 20 seconds, that 'git annex get' managed to transfer 11
> photos, whereas a single (manual) rsync run transferred 33.  Is this
> easily fixable?

No, it's on the todo list but very far down it.

You can enable ssh's connection sharing though. (ControlMaster)

see shy jo
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