mr: Can I define trusted scripts?

Olaf TNSB still.another.person at
Tue Feb 28 05:24:32 CET 2012

Summary - Is there some way to trust scripts/commands but not .mrconfig files?

Let me explain...

(Some of) My checkout commands require that I check to see if my repo
directory is mounted, and if it isn't try to mount it.

So, I've got in one of my ".mrconfig"s

    skip=! have-repo-dir

where "have-repo-dir" is a simple script to try to do the mount.

What would be nice(!) is to be able to trust this script (using a full
path!) in ~/.mrconfig but not trust the /some/path/.mrconfig files
that call it.

Is this possible in the current setup or is there some work around
that could be suggested?

I *don't* want to mount the repo directory in my ~/.mrconfig or
anything like that as I only need the repos mounted for a particular
subset of my use cases.



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