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Joey Hess joey at
Mon Sep 26 00:27:40 CEST 2011

Michael Nagel wrote:
> I heard this is kind of a mailing list for mr. I hope this is correct.
> Anyways, for a long time I have been looking for tools to operate on a
> collection of (git) repositories and ideally return aggregate results.
> Until now I used search engines to find such tools, and only found
> googles "repo" and Mike Pearce's "show_status". I have dubbed the
> latter "clustergit" and have been using it ever since.
> Today a friend told me about Joey Hess' "mr", that seems to be able to
> do a lot of the things I need, but IMHO is comparatively difficult to
> set up and is not covered by many online tutorials -- which might in
> consequence lead to the low discoverability using search engines.

The name probably doesn't help. I don't see how mr is particularly hard
to set up; all it comes down to to add a repository is:

git clone git://foo/bar
cd bar
mr register

> What do you think of adding an "--all" switch to mr so I
> can invoke it like this: mr --all status and it would operate on all
> directories in the current or specified directory? For simple setups
> (like mine) this is all that's ever needed and I can always switch to
> a .mrconfig later. It would make the learning curve less steep and you
> could create some nice examples in a tutorial to demonstrate (some of
> the) capabilities of mr.

I think it would be more in tune with mr to have a way to go find
checked out repositories and register them all. That way you would
avoid the overhead of needing to search through possibly many
subdirectories each time, and you would have the start of a mrconfig
file, which is where most of the power of mr lies. (As you can use
it to make mr check out the same things on another computer, or
configure special commands to run in some repositories for things
like mr update, etc.)

see shy jo
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