Backing up Evolution files in Git

Chanoch (Ken) Bloom kbloom at
Wed Mar 9 18:56:18 CET 2011

I have keeping my .evolution directory (among others) in Git, but the
recent upgrade in Debian unstable from evolution 2.30 to 2.32 migrated
evolution's configuration data from .evolution and split it into two
directories: .config/evolution and .local/share/evolution

It appears that calendar and addressbook data live in
.local/share/evolution, so it looks like I'm going to have to migrate
that into git.

Before I do so, does anyone know of better ways to keep evolution
backed up in git? (I'm interested in backing up the non-email stuff.)


Chanoch (Ken) Bloom. PhD candidate. Linguistic Cognition Laboratory.
Department of Computer Science. Illinois Institute of Technology.

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