Fw: fake git repositories.. how far do you go?

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Thu Mar 3 12:26:51 CET 2011

I don't really get what you mean by ``fake'' git repos. Multiple repos
does not make them any less real.

Anyway, I have one repo for my dot files. And a few others for logically
independent entities. Programming projects go in there own repos, my
writing is in its own repo etc.

Private dot files are stored in a strongly encrypted tarball, which is
checked into git. By doing that you loose any ability to track and merge
per-file changes, but it has not been a problem in my experience.

Also, only version the files that you absolutely need. Most dot files are
auto-generated and store nothing of value. I only version my vim config
file, ssh keys(encrypted) and a few other bits and paces.


> anyone?
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> Subject: fake git repositories.. how far do you go?
> for those using "fake git repositories",
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> I could not really understand why one would actually _want_ multiple fake
> git repositories.
> it seems to me that the more of them you have, the more cumbersome it gets
> to maintain.
> the way i see it:
> * 1 repository
> + easiest to maintain
> + easiest to share
> - not good for files with private stuff
> - on some machines, you will check out stuff you don't need
> * multiple fake git repositories
> - harder to maintain (you need an additional command before you can work
> in the repo)
> - harder to share (you now have several repos)
> + better for sharing private stuff (just don't share the ones containing
> anything private), although not ideal (you might want to share the config
> files, just not the password)
> + you can avoid checking out useless (though unharmful) stuff on machines
> which need a minimal $HOME.
> do you create additional fake git repositories for programs that might not
> need it? why?
> $ find ~ -maxdepth 1 -type d -name '.*' | wc -l
> 98
> --> 98 dot-directories == 98 fake git repositories?
> some alternative ideas for the "private stuff" problem:
> * why not create 1 git repository in which you commit your files, *except*
> those files containing private stuff (commit those in a separate
> repository, or in a separate branch which you do not push)
> * and/or run only applications which can collect private stuff from a
> dedicated file or "password manager" (or patch your apps)
> Dieter
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