[announce] Sharebox, a FUSE filesystem relying on git-annex

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 19:52:55 CEST 2011

On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 16:43, Harley J Pig <harleypig at gmail.com> wrote:

> https://github.com/harleypig/gitperms

I have had some time to actually have a quick look at your script,
now. Disclaimer: I didn't run it, yet.

I have a few questions/comments:

* no use strict in validate_metadata?

* validate_metadata uses -e, not -f to check of .metafile exists

* .metafile seems to reside in $GIT_WORK_TREE/.git/hooks, not in $GIT_WORK_TREE?

* post-commit sets $OLDPWD, but does not use it. Why?

* post-merge seems to be buggy and a no-op?

* post-commit will always clobber all local data. This seems to be unsafe.

As I said, I only had time for a quick glance, not a full test; sorry.


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